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Worksheet on Sexual Attraction

Recall the various individuals that you have been strongly sexually attracted to. List the particular qualities that made them sexually attractive to you.


What did you want to get or experience from your sexual relationships?


What do you feel that you need or lack that is fulfilled by sex?


To what extent have you noticed that you have been manipulative in order to get a particular relationship? Have you kept information or behavior hidden that might have jeopardized your relationship?


What are those things you are afraid of revealing and that you have a hard time accepting in yourself?


Is there a difference for you between what you are attracted to and what you love and value? If so, what is the difference?


If what we want to unite with or get from another is really what we want to integrate within ourselves, reformulate your list as those qualities or attributes that you want to own or embody in yourself.


If you would imagine a scene of your perfect sexual relationship, what state of mind or being, in particular, would it lead to?


What would you do or how would you be after the sex?


Can you imagine getting in touch with the state of being you get through sex and then living more from there in your daily life?


How would you be different?