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Assessing the Potential of Your Relationship: Worksheet


Address the following questions (yes, no, somewhat, I'm not sure, etc.) to help assess the viability of your relationship for long term growth.


I like, value and respect x.

X seems to genuinely like and respect me for who I am and appreciate my uniqueness.

I can relax with x and just be myself.

I love x and feel a deep affinity and connection.

X seems to love, honor and cherish me.

I am physically attracted to x.

X seems to be physically or sexually attracted and responsive to me.

I want to share my life with x and establish a committed relationship.

X says and has shown that they also want a committed relationship.

We share compatible values and appreciate many of the same things.

We share compatible beliefs and ideas and have good discussions about things.

We have compatible life styles so that our daily lives fit together harmoniously.

We share a spiritual life together and deep intimacy and understanding.

We have good communication and are open, honest and direct with each other and able to reveal vulnerable emotions.

We are each aware of the negative issues, beliefs or assumptions that we each have been working on.

We can accept differences and disagreements but resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.

Supporting each other in our mutual growth is a conscious dynamic in our relationship.

We voice our needs, wants, thoughts and feelings with each other and maintain a loving balanced give and take in our relationship.

We are in general agreement on our goals and the means to realize them.

We each are self-reliant and have our own lives and interests.

We each give to one another and support and help the other in their lives.

We share significant life objectives that we can cooperate on, (ex. children, marriage, career work).

X could be part of the dream or hope I have for my life.