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The Shift In Relationship Values

We live in a time when attitudes and values toward relationship are changing. In a time of cultural transition there will always be a lot of confusion and experimentation as old norms and values break down. However, what we see emerging is an increasing capacity to live from and in the soul. This impacts one's approach to relationship. Below we have tried to compare some of the differences of the new soul approach with traditional attitudes.

Old Style  —  Soul Approach

Based on emotional, physical attraction and personal needs or wants, social considerations  —  Based on soul resonance and shared spiritual purpose

Obligations, expectations  —  Authenticity

Unequal power and sharing  —  Equality, mutuality, reciprocity

A sense of lack; fulfillment comes from without; relationship based on getting. —  Fulfillment from within; relationship based on sharing and giving

A sense of vulnerability, self doubts, insecurity  —  A sense of safety, trust, openness, self-assurance

Large areas of unconsciousness, repression, secrets  —  Shared endeavor to bring things to conscious awareness and integrate

Roles and societal norms important. —  Freedom to be totally one's self

Living for "something else”; ulterior motivations  —  Living in and fulfillment in the moment

Relationship circumscribed in a static reality  —  Relationship as an "open doorway" to a boundless reality

Sex is primarily biologically creative, establishing historical continuity. —  Sex is also consciously creative, manifesting spiritual potential

Dualistic thinking; right/wrong, good/bad  —  Consciousness based on the soul's intuitive sense of knowing

"Special relationships" for ego purposes  — “ Holy relationships" for soul

Individual identities are defined, discrete and separate  —  Individuals experience transformation and more fluid interconnection