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Remembering the Soul


I am joined with everything in the universe.

Despite outer appearances, inwardly -- and in Reality -- we are integral aspects of the One Life within all things. Therefore I am safe and secure.

I am good -- a pure positive divine expression of Life.

No matter what I have said or done or what others may believe, my inner reality is that of a spiritual being. I can release any negativity, shame, blame or guilt that I feel, while acknowledging the positive lessons from my experience. This truth will set me free.

I trust.

I can trust my Self and my deep intuition arising from my Self that knows what is good for me. I can trust that others are also like me. I can trust the Universe/ God to support me and guide me to fulfill the divine destiny It has for me.

I know.

Although the ego knows only what it has learned, unconsciously I possess a transcendent Self-Knowledge that can answer all my questions. This "knowing" can come in various ways as I am open to receiving it. Practicing relying on this inner sense results in self-confidence and strength.

I am responsible.

I create the type of experience I have by the deep images I hold and act on about what is real. (Life energy is given form by the mind it flows through. As the thoughtforms within that mind reflect the nature of the Self, it is manifested.) This belief opens a doorway to a happy and boundless future.

I love.

As I love, love carries me beyond my circumscribed sense of self to more profound realizations. Love is the oneness and unity within all that I may open to and experience. My life is an expression of love -- and as I believe so do I experience.

I am single-minded.

As all parts of my mind are aligned to follow the deepest will of my Self, so that I have no other goals, all my real needs will be provided and it will be unnecessary to control my life in any other way. By focusing on my highest or deepest call or vision, I straighten out my life and hasten my fulfillment.