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Clarifying Soul Purpose: Worksheet

1. From the previous exercises, synthesize from your positive core qualities. Articulate your spiritual ideal -- a simple formula that can summarize your particular life aspiration. (Spiritual ideals inherently further connection, wholeness, harmony, light, love, peace, truth and the good of all.)

2. From the previous exercises, state in a concise sentence the negative assumption(s) that blocks you in realizing your soul direction.

3. List 4 or 5 of your chief talents or abilities and next to each, articulate specific ways that this ability could be useful in realizing your spiritual ideal.

4. Test out these ways of realizing your soul purpose by trying some of these new activities and noticing which has the most energy or which is most exciting. Notice when you have tried things in each area, which gets the best and most reinforcing feedback from your life experiences. That is, notice when things flow, when there are positive coincidences, support and success.

5. From the last exercise, now add to your spiritual ideal a simple statement of how that ideal is to be realized. Focus on the level of essence or quality when you formulate this. For example, someone whose spiritual ideal is to "increase understanding about how life works" might then add "by writing that serves to help people realize their potential". Finally, note the predominant negative assumption that stands in your way and a positive affirmation to overcome it. For example, "I do not have to worry about not being up for this task, I need merely turn within and trust what I am given to do."

6. Formulate soul purposes for each area of your life: Self, relationship, career, etc.