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Drawings of Soul, Personality and Planes

Levels of Matter/Being and Human Vehicles

Just as the human personality has a physical body through which the aspects of the human constitution -- vitality, feelings and mind express themselves, the higher self also has a body -- the causal body -- through which the aspects of its being -- abstract mind, intuition or synthetic knowing and spiritual will or purpose are focussed. Each aspect of human nature is a reflection of an aspect of the higher self and must eventually express the higher aspect.


Structures of Personality

Divisions between areas of personal consciousness are arbitrary. As one integrates, subjective areas become progressively more conscious. The shadow and persona are eliminated.



The Basis for Meditation

The causal body exists on a metaphysical level and is the body of the soul. It retains the memories and gains of each successive incarnation of the higher self. This elliptical aura (that isn't seen by psychics -- who see the personal aura) has two foci, one for the soul and one for the personality. Through meditation one attempts to create a conscious channel between the two.