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Self Realization Short Course



1. We are extensions and expressions of the One Divine Life That Is Everything.


2. We are meant to create our Divine Self and realize the Divine Potential and Purpose within It.


3.  Our three creative tools to do this are thought, word and deed.


4. The first step, therefore, is to reflect on what You really want to be, do and have in your highest vision of your life.


1. Reflect on what You really want to be.


2. Reflect on what You really want to do.



3. Reflect on what You really want to have.



4. Articulate in concise I statements ("I am ...") (These affirmations direct creation.)



5. Now express these affirmations to others, friends or family.


6.  Act "as if" these affirmations were already so -- which they are in essence.

Articulate what you will be from now on, or in the next days, weeks and months.

"I will ..."


7.  If we realize our total responsibility for creating our experience and are experiencing things we don't really want then we must release our attachment to the mindset causing these and realign our beliefs, words and behaviors to reflect our detached/centered Self awareness and our vision of what we want to create. Now just stay focused on what You really are and want, and act on these. You do not have to change things that seem to conflict, you merely need to remember who You really are and choose to be that. Maintaining this ongoing intention and focus is helped by discipline, regular effort, moments of peace, meditation and prayer. The clearer your vision and the more you trust and act on it, the better it will be manifested in all aspects of your life. As it is manifested, you must continually assess, refine and enlarge your vision as your realization unfolds.