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Meditations to Invoke the Soul


Just as the ego uses concrete thinking and analysis, the soul uses intuitive synthetic knowing that is experienced through symbols, abstract thoughts and archetypal motifs. To develop this soul experience within ourselves we have to foster it. Imaginative meditation serves as a bridge to the intuition. This entails cultivating an attitude of inner peace, centeredness, focus, openness and receptivity. We have to ask precise questions and create concise visualizations while at the same time releasing specific expectations and prejudgements. Through experience we can learn to discriminate between fantasy and intuitions, images and information coming from the soul.

Following are several basic imaginative meditations through which one may derive information about one's inner Self and inner landscape. Over a period of days take time to do as many as you can, modifying and expanding them to suit yourself. Write down impressions, insights and inspirations. Each meditation can add another piece of the puzzle of one's Self and make your inner landscape more real and complete to your conscious self. Begin each in the same way, by getting in a comfortable sitting position in a quiet out of the way place. Relax and invoke the highest.


1. Imagine going deeply within until you come out in the timeless world of your inner self. There you contact that being who is your higher self or spiritual prototype. Feel a loving connection between you. Ask this being, who knows the deepest truth about you:

Who am I?

Where do I come from?

Why am I here?

What is my specific objective for this life?

What is the biggest obstacle or test for me?

How may I resolve this?

What qualities or principles are most important or central for me?

What do I have to give and contribute to the world?

See if this being has a gift for you.


2. Imagine a path to a mountain in the distance that represents your spiritual purpose. Imagine a symbol from your higher self at the top. See yourself walking along the path to this mountain and notice what is along this path. As you climb the path to the top notice how you feel and what you become aware of. At the top take your symbol of the spiritual purpose within yourself and meditate on its meaning for you.


3. Imagine a matrix of light extending up from your mind to the higher planes. Feel the petals of your crown chakra unfold and feel a spiritual energy opening your spiritual sight. Notice a new glow, energy and awareness as you look at things. Stay connected to this energy. How does it change your everyday awareness?


4. Imagine that you are opening to receive an abundant inflow of beautiful energy that your higher self want to pour out to you. Feel this energy soothing your emotions, clarifying your mind, energizing your body and washing away negative accumulations. Allow this energy into your cells and DNA to transform any old programming. As any lower thought or emotion comes up remind yourself that you can choose what you want to identify with and hold as real. Then let them go. Imagine staying connected to this energy throughout the day. How does it change your sense of who you are?


5. Imagine you are traveling through a tunnel or void where everything is gone except your essence. It's silent and still. Now let that essence freely expand and joyously extend out through space. What is this energy like? Notice what qualities your essence has, what focus and intention is within it. Imagine that anything is possible for you now in embodying this energy. Bring back a sense of this new outlook and energy to your conscious self. What is it about?


6. Imagine that you can get in touch with the picture that your soul has of what your potential destiny is -- who you are to be , what you are to become, what your awareness and concern will be. As you get in touch with this image, realize that you can travel to it and inhabit it as it already exists within. As you inhabit this self who you are to be, notice how you feel. Notice what qualities, strengths and characteristics you have. Now from your future self, send back love and support to help your present self in it efforts to progress and fulfill its destiny.


7. Imagine that God has an abundance of good things for you, that you may receive if you can only open to them and embrace them. Affirm that you are ready for all the wonderful things that are in store for you. Without specific expectations, open your heart and mind to all the gifts, blessings and joy that are there for you. Give thanks for these and affirm that they are there for you and that you will accept them. How does this feel?


8. Imagine traveling out into space where you meet a glorious angel. In the angel's presence you contemplate planet earth. Imagine reviewing the history of life on the planet up to the present and get a sense of key trends or developments. Now imagine that the angel is showing you what good is possible for earth if mankind will awaken to the divine destiny that is its potential. See yourself helping to bring this about and notice what your role is.


9. Imagine that right above your head is a veil separating you from a level of unified reality where everything is seen in light and in truth. Affirm that you are willing to see things as they really are and assume the responsibility of being who you truly are. Then allow your awareness to penetrate to this level where you see things without illusion or negativity. Notice the effect this has on your heart. How is your awareness here different from your normal state of mind? How could awareness of this level be useful to you?


10. Imagine traveling to a temple in a higher spiritual world where you join a group that you realize is working for the positive evolution of earth. Feel a part of this group and notice the increased sense of light, love and purpose that comes from this connection. Feel your affiliation with a teacher who is occupied with a particular work on earth that you are to be part of. Get a sense of what this is about and what your soul intention is.