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Concretizing Your Highest Self Image: WORKSHEET


The image that you hold of your self is what you will create and experience in your life. Therefore, it behooves you to clarify your Highest Self image, filling out as many specifics as possible. Then continually hold this image before you and recall it as your guiding vision and goal.


Allow yourself some quiet time to meditate on the deepest essence of your spiritual Self or what your potential is as a totally realized being. In answering the following questions, trust your intuition even if you don't think that you know the answer.


What is the essence of your inner being or soul? Or, what characterizes your spirit?



If your spirit is an integral part of God, what implications does this eternal fact have?



As a totally realized being, what potentials do you have as your Highest Self?



What do you feel when centered in your Higher Self?



What is your soul aware of? What is the nature of the knowing that you have within?



On the soul level how are you related to others and the world?



If you were being your Higher Self, what would you be like or how would you appear in the moment?



As your soul, what are you interested in and concerned with?



What thoughts or feelings typically come up to interfere with your soul focus?



What are your deepest purposes and goals?



If you were being your soul, specifically what would doing on the planet now?



Synthesize the above information in an image of you being your Highest Self that you can easily recall and hold before yourself during the day.