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Self Empowerment


For an individual to create what he really wants and realize his potential, he has to know what that is. Most people have only vague or unexamined ideas about what they ultimately want. In this section the emphasis is on clarifying what one's inner self is all about and what one's intrinsic interests and purposes are. The locus of concern of the soul is different than that of the outer personality. It has its own nature, qualities, inclinations and purposes. As we become more aware of this aspect of ourselves, it becomes easier to realize it outwardly.

Essentially, the real individual is the soul, but we become enmeshed in the ego and the ego's reality -- the identity, beliefs, concerns and agenda for happiness that are conditioned by its experience. Realizing ourselves and our potential entails becoming a pure reflection and manifestation of the inner self. One's consciousness then becomes centered in the identity of the soul. Since the soul lives by different laws and values, there is a fundamental conflict in human nature that must be resolved if integration and fulfillment is to be complete. A totally personal agenda will never bring about this level of fulfillment because that has to result from integration -- and not be a substitute for it.

We live at a time when more and more people are living inner-directed, soul infused lives. This is a time as well when many old cultural assumptions that had hindered human development are being overturned. It's as if on the planetary level, the vibration of the soul is being quickened with the result that many are awakening to their real self, claiming their lives, and breaking free of chains that had restricted them. Crumbling is a sense of separation and disempowerment, old fears, prejudices and false authorities. In an era of universal equality and human rights, many inner directed people are realizing their capacity to trust in their inner knowing and utilize that capacity to create what they want for their lives.

Once a more profound sense of who one is has been achieved it becomes necessary to actively create new images of who one is, what is real and what one wants to realize. This is something that has to be consciously worked on and made as concise and clear as possible. We underestimate the power we have to create and this is because most of our creation that is happening 24 hours a day is based on collective and subconscious assumptions that we believe have a validity and do not examine because they are the norm. Once we fully appreciate the false and arbitrary nature of these -- those based on separation, fear, negativity and erroneous conclusions -- we may begin to free our minds to create our potential destiny.