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Steps in Opening to a Creative Self Consciousness: Worksheet


1. Allow your mind to become empty and become aware of what is then going on within. If you cannot let yourself be empty, you cannot be filled.


2. Face and acknowledge whatever is there. You cannot disregard your fears or negative states. You must go through them.


3. Visualize the boundaries of your mind by questioning yourself about all the things that you think are impossible for you. Notice the limiting beliefs that make you feel hopeless or frightened.


4. To puncture the limited mind, first admit that you do indeed hold limited beliefs. Challenge them by bringing them to clear awareness and working on them.


5. Be receptive and expectant to the inner emptiness, yet without preconceived ideas, impatience or wishful thinking. The outer mind must know what it wants but must be poised for all possibilities.


6. What first appears as emptiness, will become vibrantly alive -- God or your innermost Self, talking to you. You need to condition your inner ear to recognize this stillness, this voice that has always existed within.


7. Cultivate a neutrality that whatever comes from God is all right, whether you desire it or not. The conflicts and confusions that exist on the lower levels of consciousness are resolved in the truth, support and guidance integral to the voice within. You have nothing to fear -- your destiny is glorious.


8. The mind needs to stay balanced; receptive to the creative stillness within but outwardly an active creative instrument carrying out and formulating the inspiration received.


9. You create a path out of the circumscribed maze of your life, by listening within in each moment, trusting what you are given, embodying and manifesting your truth. You realize your life not by fixed rules or ideas but by living your life as in unfolds from within the creative emptiness in each moment.