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Clarifying Positive Qualities: Worksheet

1. Reflect over your life and list a number of your peak experiences -- those moments when for whatever varying reasons you felt particularly good, meaningful, high, inspired, etc.


2. Go back over each one and find the qualities within those experiences that account for the "peakness" of the experience, and list these as concisely as you can. For example, a peak experience of lying in the summer grass as a child might contain qualities of deep peace, appreciation of the beauty of the world, an enlarged sense of self-awareness, etc.


3. We all have specific hopes and dreams that form themselves almost involuntarily sometimes. There may have been several -- a childhood dream, an adolescent dream, a romantic dream, a career dream, etc. List several of these deep-felt dreams or hopes and for each find the core qualities that you hope to realize in your dream. For example; eternal love, security, knowledge, power, etc.


4. Who are those individuals who you look up to or would to be like? What is it about them that you admire?


5. Combine and synthesize the list of qualities that you have come up with from the above exercises. Meditate on these qualities and create a drawing that synthesizes them.


6. Imagine a scene or a vision of your potential life where all these are realized and experienced. What might it look like? What are you thinking, feeling and doing in this vision? If your hopes and desires to attain this were realized, then what would you do?


7. If you can get in touch with these qualities from memory, that means they are within you and capable of being accessed regardless of the outer circumstances that you have associated with them. Visualize yourself experiencing these qualities now as if they had all been realized and feel yourself in this state. How could this change your everyday awareness? Can you stay in touch with this awareness during the day?


8. Imagine that you are to meet a high spiritual being who totally embodies a higher octave of all these positive qualities that are most important to you -- someone who might even be your own inner teacher or mentor. Now visualize what this being would be doing if he/she were actually living in the world. What would they be concerned with and interested in? What sort of motivation and purpose would their activities have? Now visualize an energy connection between this being and you so you feel strongly connected. Imagine this being as your higher Self, your prototype and potential. Make an affirmation that this is you, like, "I am a being of light and love.", or "I lead for the common good", etc. Write or draw any distinct results from this meditation.