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Affirmations for Self Realization


I am free and have no obligations in life.

I am at peace. There is nowhere to go, nothing to do and nobody I need to be except what I am right now.

I judge not and release my hold on beliefs, expectations, doubts and negativity. I am open and positive.

I love and love embraces all my feelings.

I believe that everything happens for the highest good and that the universe manifests the thoughts and beliefs that I freely choose.

My purpose is that I remember who I am as a divine soul that's part of God; I create and realize this Life; and I joyously express what's potential within the moment.

I am safe. My reality is eternal.

I am continually creating my experience, which results from the images I hold of who I am and what is real. I clarify and affirm my highest thought about my Self.

I give thanks for everything I experience and am given. All my need is met.

I do not "want", I choose my desires to reflect the truth of who I am and so have it .

I accept responsibility for all my experience, bless it and decide what I will be in relation to it. It allows me to affirm and realize my Self.

I think about, clarify and focus on what I want to be, do and have. I speak and act on these. I act in ways that demonstrate the new beliefs I want to manifest -- and so learn them.

I am completely honest, acknowledging and asserting my truth, changing when experience brings new clarity.

In my experience I ask "Does this serve me? What would I love to do now?"

I am still and go within where any question is answered.

In relationship, I have the opportunity to honor my Self, know my Self, demonstrate my Self, realize my Self and extend God.