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Basic Steps in the Resolution of Negativity

1. The first thing we need to do is to overcome the resistance to looking deeply at areas of pain or difficulty. This typically comes from (false) assumptions of:

one's inadequacy

one's incapacity to deal with the pain involved

the eventual success of plodding forward and thereby leaving it behind without dealing with it

one's belief that truth or reality is against us and will show us something bad. (The worst thing we will find is that we have falsely identified with false beliefs -- the truth is only good. And the sooner we look at pain the sooner we can move beyond it.)

2. We have to become conscious of and clearly articulate the core images and assumptions that underlie negative experience and the issues or problems we might have. To do this we have to reverse our normal thinking which would attribute our conclusions about life to our experiences, rather than the core beliefs that caused them. Repeated patterns of experience are clues to an image.

3. We have to consciously appreciate the creative freedom and power we have; how the creative process works; how we are actually continually co-creating our reality; how unconscious beliefs are more powerful than conscious beliefs and how they can sabotage conscious intentions.

4. We have to deeply reflect within ourselves, and choose to release attachment to the negative images that heretofore we had accepted as "just the way things are". We must begin to realize that attitudes, assumptions and values that are negative, separative or fear-based are ultimately false and self-denying.

5. We have to open up to and trust the positive truth within our inner self, making it conscious and articulate and begin to live it. This requires specific actions that demonstrate our new trust.