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Resolving Negative Core Images: Worksheet

 Resolving deeply held assumptions about what is real is not something that usually happens by a quick act of will, after an insight into the need for it has been achieved. Just as these images are imbedded in a deep automatic emotional strata, so their resolution must also involve a deep contemplative approach that brings in the power of one's inner self.

1. After prolonged contemplation on the specific negative image and how it works -- what it is, how it arose, what its rationale was, how it creates itself in our life -- we will sense a growing detachment from this image. Furthermore, we can begin to actually feel that what heretofore we unconsciously identified with and took to be real is, very likely, an ultimately arbitrary belief that we can choose to stop energizing. This is a big step.

2. The next step is to consciously compare the negative assumption with what we consciously believe to represent a higher and more truthful understanding. Isn't there a discrepancy here? Isn't it theoretically possible to live by a different truth? How might one's life be different? Is one interested in changing? Why and why not?

3. Now ask your soul what truth or aspect of your inner self you are withholding or denying by your negative image. The ego need not try to create a new truth. Rather, we need an attitude of trust, openness, listening, accepting and focus, to help bring to conscious awareness a positive truth about ourselves that has been there all along. It has just been denied.

4. Clearly express a positive image that embodies the truth about yourself that will replace the old false identification. Consciously release the old image remembering that it only has power if you believe in it and energize it by your attachment.

5. Begin to take specific, practical steps in your life that demonstrate your new belief and that allow it to become grounded in your day to day behavior. Here, one will still face some emotional resistance that comes from changing any habit. But, if you have done the inner work, the legitimacy of this inertia will be gone.

As we continue to live by the new belief, the effects of the old will gradually dissipate and the positive belief will be established as part of our normal sense of self. We will continue to have a memory of the old belief, but it will cease to be energized and its power and influence in our lives will be gone. We will likely find that this is not the end of it but just a successful first step. We will have to work on other false and negative beliefs. However, now it will be possible to approach any negative experience in a hopeful positive way by realizing that each one is helping to point out obstacles in ourselves so that we may free ourselves from them.