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The Relation of Common Problems to Core Beliefs

There are some general correspondences between specific problems and the negative images underlying them. It is a complex area with a lot of individual variability, but, providing there is no organic condition, the following correlations have been noted:

Depression. —  Negative assumptions of self-worth and power to change things

Mania  —  False inflated images of what one is and should do

Anxiety  —  Negative core assumptions of vulnerability, insecurity and imminent threat

Schizophrenia  —  Negative assumption of ability to trust or be oneself

Addictions  —  Negative assumptions of self-worth and pain that one cannot end without the addiction

Abuse  —  Assumption of vulnerability and lack of love. False assumption of the need to use control to get needs met.

Obsessions  —  False fearful assumptions and fixed ideas about how these may be remedied

Career problems  —  Negative assumption of ability to rely on self