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Negative Traits Vs. Inner Self Qualities


Fear based     —  Love based

Negative judgments and projections      —  Choosing love, acceptance, positive life

Compulsive, being driven, stress. — Having a choice, allowing, relaxing

Having to be "perfect"      —  Accepting one's humanness

Anger  —  Forgiveness of oneself; accepting one's feelings, needs and limitations

Resentment  —  Gratitude, appreciation

Being successful, better, ambitious. —  Being true to one's Self, authentic

Needing to control, sense of limitation  —  Freedom, space, openness

Competitive materialistic values  —  Heart-centered, life-oriented values

Feeling lack, deficiency  —  Feeling self-worth, wholeness

Anxiety  —  Peace

Feeling isolation, separation  —  Connection, communication

Contracting, defending  —  Trusting, opening

Self-doubt      —  Self-confidence, trusting instincts and intuitions

Guilt, shame  —  Self-acceptance, self-forgiveness

"Using" and being "used"  —  Integrity, respect, being true to one's self

Living by other's expectations, values  —  Living by one's own values and beliefs

Struggle to achieve ends  —  Flow, things falling into place

The "rat race", success = happiness  —  A simpler harmonious natural life