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Meditating on an Issue: Worksheet

Another approach that is often helpful to clarify and resolve an issue is to do a meditation on it. Read through the steps below (you may modify them to suit yourself) and then try this process when it is a good moment for you.

1. Pick a specific issue, concern or negative image that you want to work on.


2. Find a comfortable quite place where you will be undisturbed for 15 minutes or so. Get into a comfortable upright sitting position and close your eyes. Takes some deep breaths so that you relax and become fully present to this process. Release any preoccupying thoughts or emotions.


3. Take time to go deeply within. Imagine and feel yourself going down a stairway or passage within until you come out in the timeless inner landscape of your inner self. You come out in a lovely place that you can either see, feel or sense.


4. Imagine in the distance that your higher self or soul is approaching you. Feel this wise and loving being coming closer and closer until it/he/she is next to you. Feel a loving energy connection between you and an increased sense of peace, light and love. Notice any particular qualities.


5. Now ask this spiritual being to help you learn the truth about your particular concern. Ask specific questions and keep your mind open and receptive for any impressions that come in response. Ask questions like:

What is this issue really all about?


What is the real truth as the higher self sees it?


What do I need to do to resolve this?


Are there specific steps I need to take in my life now?


Are there other things related to this that my soul would have me know?


6. When you feel finished with this part and have some answers, thank your higher self. Now ask it/him/her to step inside of you so that you can feel your identity as your higher self. Feel yourself as the soul and allow the energy of the soul to wash through you and disolve any negativity.

What is different about this state of consciousness from your everyday sense of self?


How could you live more from this place or this state of mind?


Stay here as long as you want.

7. When you return to your normal awareness, write down any impressions or answers that you received regarding your concern. Remember that you always have a connection to the soul within that you can call on at any time for strength, peace, love and guidance.