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Is this issue relevant to me?

Undoubtedly, yes. Even the most successful among us have areas or times that are not so successful or happy. Gauge whether you need to work on issues in this section by answering the following questions.


Do you sometimes loose control or do things you know you shouldn't?

Do you have habits you'd like to change but haven't been able to?

Do you sometimes experience resentments, jealousy, hatred, shame, self-condemnation, pride, anxieties or other negative emotions?

Do you feel frustrated at times or feel there are some things you are still missing?

Do you notice a lack of interest or meaning in your life at times?

Do you feel blocked in realizing some important goal or dream?

Have you lost touch with your passion and joy or your idealism?

Is your life motivated by fears and defensive reactions -- security, possessions, power, etc.?

Are you less than totally happy and fulfilled?

Are many of your relationships not loving ones?

Do you sometimes feel victimized by people or circumstances or blame others a lot?

Do you look to other people to tell you what is right or true?

Are you little involved in your community?


If you have said yes to some of these questions -- congratulations, you're honest. Since, as adults, we are responsible for creating our experience, negativity of any sort means we have core beliefs, assumptions and issues to become conscious of, clarify and resolve. This is what Section I is about. To the extent that we overlook this naturally unpleasant and painful side of life, we shall thus continue to be affected by it no matter how much attention we place on our positive and happy interests in life. Therefore, Section I is definitely recommended for nearly everyone.