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The Personal Agenda: Worksheet

It is an aim of therapy to free the real inner self from distorting layers that cover it. Contributing to these obstructions are compulsive drives for what we "believe" we have to have in order to be happy or loved. We imagine that we can only be happy if our will is done and we get what we think we need. Our life and intentions become oriented around this specific fixed agenda for happiness. This agenda is invariably different from the needs and intentions of the soul. This situation creates an inner tension, struggle and anxiety. It also results in a great fear of not getting it that can cause us to sabotage our efforts. These fixed ideas, although seemingly positive, are defenses and reactive solutions to underlying negative images about oneself. (see, The Process of Creating Negative Core Images)

1. Meditate on what the things or conditions are that you absolutely have to have in order to really be fulfilled. Notice the rigid, compulsive nature of these wants. Describe these as well as you can.


2. What are the means that you use in order to get them?


3. What are the ways that you try to protect yourself from the horror of not getting what you imagine that you have to have?


We are fulfilled not by getting what we want, but rather by letting go. Then we may realize that inwardly we are given everything and can trust that life will continue to supply what we need on all levels. Our true need is to express and manifest this positive inner life with it's intrinsic intentions and purposes. It is not to seek an alternate solution outside to substitute for the soul impulses we are denying.

4. Imagine letting go of your compulsive want(s) and visualize yourself surrendering to the benign, abundant and fulfilling stream of life. Write down any impressions.


5. What are you afraid of? What does this new belief show you that can be of help?


6. In what ways could you test a new approach or belief?