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Working on Blocks

We have unlimited power as co-creators to realize the boundless possibilities we have as spiritual beings. However, to the extent that we hold core images that are negative, false, or limited, then experiences are created from these that will be restrictive and painful. We will be hindered from a fuller realization of our life and our potential. Becoming aware of our blocks and the false assumptions that underlie them is the first step to releasing them.

1. Identify some block that keeps you from moving forward in your life or that afflicts some aspect of your life. It may take the form of a fear, a preoccupation, a self-doubt, a specific belief, etc. State this as clearly as possible. For example, "I feel blocked by; my laziness,... my loneliness, ... my busy life, ... by my finances, etc."


2. Identify what you think you need but lack. For example, "I need love,... strength, money,... a partner,... trust,... time,... courage,... etc."


3. Find the core assumption or the image of your self or life that underlies this situation. For example, " I can't do what I really want, ... I can't trust, ... I don't deserve to be happy,... life is dangerous and I am vulnerable,... etc."


4. How does this relate to something you might have learned in your family, growing up?


5. Having now looked at this block and the images it is based on, go within and formulate a new positive belief to replace it. (If you will reflect within your self, this will not be an arbitrary choice but will embody the intrinsic positive nature of your inner being.)


6. If you notice some difficulty in letting your old negative image go, ask yourself what you get from this that you don't want to give up. For example, "If I choose to believe in myself I'll have to change my life and I don't want to give up my comforts or attachments."


7. We often draw false inferences or conclusions. How could you give up this negative block, belief or fear and not loose anything important?


8. Everything we need comes from within. Having clearly identified what you need and want to realize, how might you give it to yourself or open to an experience of its fulfillment?


9. Formulate a simple affirmation that can remind you, when you occasionally still think in the old way, that this block is being resolved. For example, "I have decided to release my fear of life and experience the beneficence and support of the universe."


10. Think of something that you can do in the next few days that will testify to your new belief and show yourself that you mean business.