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Typical Negative Beliefs Vs. Positive Self Attitudes


Below are some typical negative beliefs. Notice those that you have and contemplate a positive Self belief to replace it. Suggestions are given.


I don't deserve love. —  I unconditionally love and forgive myself and experience love


I don't deserve a really good relationship. —  As I create a good relationship with my Self, my outer relationships will improve


I am afraid of love  —  Love is what I am and it feels good


I am afraid of my "wrong" feelings  —  I need to acknowledge my feelings as they all have a message for me


I can be afraid of asserting myself. —  I accept and express my own truth


I am afraid of expressing what I need  —  Consciously sharing myself is affirming myself and unless I communicate, others don't know me and can't respond


I am afraid to open up. —  As I open I embrace more life I have nothing to fear because my Self is all- inclusive and invulnerable


I am afraid I will be rejected and abandoned  —  No one can reject me unless I give them the power (and reject myself)


Life is hard work. —  Life supports me and brings me joy when I trust it and allow myself to go with it


I can't have what I really want  —  What I want from life and others I have to give to myself first and as I give, so will I receive


I have low self-esteem and self-worth  —  I cannot be confined or judged by the past because my reality and intrinsic worth as a soul is not altered by what I do or think


I am not free  —  I can choose to freely be myself because my life is an expression of a divine life and therefore I can trust it


Others need to change for me to be happy  —  I can choose those people who are good for me


I need other's love  —  I need to love and accept myself first


I feel guilty when I am happy  —  My birthright is happiness so I am.


I can't show weakness  —  All parts of me have a place


I can't say what I want. —  As I express my truth, I become whole


I can't admit 'I don't know'  —  I am not judged by my thoughts as I am OK no matter what


Others can reject me and put me down  —  Only I, as I listen within, know the truth for me, others just have their own thoughts and ideas


I feel vulnerable  —  As I claim myself and my right to be who I am, I will take my power back


I can't show my hurt feelings  —  Feelings have a reason and a message that need to be made conscious and by expressing my feelings I demonstrate that they have no power over me


I am not good enough. —  My identity and worth are given by God. Therefore I won't blame myself for being human


I have to be perfect, but can't. —  To be perfect, I have to be perfectly myself by allowing all parts of myself to be


I can't relax and have fun  —  I can relax and allow myself to be as I am supported and guided by the life within


I have a hard time with anger  —  My anger is telling me something I need to hear. I can express angry thoughts without exploding


I hate self-righteous judgmental people. —  I will stop judging myself negatively


I have to be in control all the time  —  Being in control means consciously allowing myself to be as I am and not as I "should" be


I am weak  —  I can and will create what I want for my life because I trust my Self


I am afraid to look at my pain. —  Pain shows me where I need to change to realize myself and my potential


Life is hard, unjust  —  I let go and trust and do as I am given to and give thanks for all the blessings


It's painful not to be loved or not to let myself be free to be as I really am  —  As I accept, respect and love myself, others will also. Self-denial means pain


I am unworthy, unlovable and people give only when I do what they want  —  I am authentically myself and others love me as I am. It's beautiful


I have to work hard to get what I need and am afraid I won't get it. —  I can chose to live by love and be who I really am. This way of life is fulfilling and it flows naturally


I don't want to be here, I need to escape. —  The world I live in is my choice, my creation


I am trapped and angry and don't like the way things are but can't change it  —  I stay open in the moment and live freely with trust, from my heart


I need to attack to protect myself  —  Who I am is not affected by anything and what I experience is my choice


There is not enough for everyone  —  Life is abundant and will supply my every need