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Ego - Self dichotomy:

Ego/separative personal identity  —  Self/holistic multidimensional identity

provides the self with grounding, focus  —  provides the ego with life, meaning, purpose 

experience. —  awareness, freedom 

existential pain of separation, aloneness. — joy of interconnection, oneness

ignorance > fear > control > power. —  accepting, allowing, expressing, being

lack, need, wants to 'get’’. —  sufficiency, having, urge to share 

vulnerability, urge for power, aggression. —  invulnerability, no need to defend or protect 

guilt, shame, deficiency. —  positive self affirmation, valuation

anxiety, fear-based, anger, despair. —  peace, connection, trust

desire, investments, attachments. —  love

identified with thoughts. —  the mind is used without attachment

wants to be better, stronger, different. —  just is, self accepting

planning for the future, ulterior motives  —  in the now, allowing the moment to unfold

doing. —  being

will to succeed, accomplish  —  will to be authentic, whole

thinking in the brain. —  thinking in the heart

need to aggrandize and justify the ego.   —    using the mind for the good of the whole  

acquired conceptual knowledge.  —  intrinsic intuitive knowing

related to functioning in the outer world. —  living from an inner sense

behavior based on outer standards. —  action based on true feelings, authentic impulse

attached to fixed judgments, beliefs. —  open minded, detached, letting go

happiness from realized desire, goals. —  joy from life, being

trying to get completion from without. —  urge to share what one already has and knows

desperate for acknowledgment, validation. —  content without need to prove oneself

compulsion, addictions. —  freedom, detachment

inner pain from self denial. —  being at peace

the present as a continuation of the past. —  the present as a ever new experience

violence of projected judgments, control. —  compassion, harmlessness

arrogance, inflation, narcissism. —  seeing commonality

need to make things different than they are. —  allowing things to be as they are

grievances, hurts, resentments. —  forgiveness

anger that is based on fear and judgment. —  aligned with well being, truth

perfectionistic artificial ideals, expectations. —  perfect allowing, being, accepting

investment in ideas, 'shoulds', standards. —  investment in reality, what is

pushing, forcing, controlling, willing   —  going with the flow

creativity based on will, intention. —  creates by acting on the impulses of the heart

involvement in the world. —  involvement in life

experience of duality, opposites, conflict. —  experience of integration, wholeness, synthesis

outer authority. —  inner authority

mental chatter, thoughts. —  stillness, silence

thoughts, emotions, sensations. —  what is

active business. —  receptivity, connection to essence

investments. —  lack of worries

attachments. —  freedom of choice

worldly reality. —  perception of images

in one’s ego mind. —  in the moment

anxiety, restlessness. —  being at peace

linear reality. —  multidimensional, holistic

controlling. —  letting go

doing, struggle, forcing. —  being at ease, allowing

separation. —  connection, unity

I am. —  I am That

experience of circumstances. —  experience of awareness

Internalized belief based reality. —  consciousness

developing. —  unfolding

the brain. —  in awareness, consciousness

survival, aggrandizement. — co-creation